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Happy New Year 2011

30 Dec

Well, another year has now been designated as one of those ‘years gone by’. Another year that when I was little seemed so impossibly far into the future that I thought of it as a time when I’d be old and decrepit. Now, I look more realistically at 2050 as the time when I’ll be fragile and having my nightly gruel spooned into my trembling lips. Ugh! What a thought!

But, until then, let’s ring in 2011 with Lightning Hopkins and his stomp on a brand new year! Bright and crisp, his guitar playing is a certain finger snappin’, head noddin’ number that we’re lucky to have and is a welcome addition to any party hovering toward midnight on any given December 31st.

This track comes from my indispensable disk “Blue Yule Christmas: Blues and R&B Classics”, a must have for you that are into roots holiday music, but Lightning’s original is on Brunswick and recorded in 1953.

This is a Happy New Year
Ain’t gonna worry me to death!
Don’t think about Christmas,
Cause Christmas just done left.

Lightning Hopkins: Happy New Year
Blue Yule Christmas: Blues and R&B Classics

I hope that 2011 is the year that will bring in peace, happiness, prosperity, health and fruition of all ancillary dreams for all of my blog friends out there!

Well, a bonus! A quick search on YouTube brought me to a video that’s not a performance, but a passable pastiche of photos and paintings. Nice to have something, rather than nothing!



27 Dec

Teena Marie has died at age 54. She had a funk driven sound and though I love funk, and a track here and there by Teena, I was never particularly drawn to her.

However, I’m reading that she was the first, the very first, white artist signed to Motown Records. I’m questioning that. It’s my belief that Rare Earth was the very first white band signed to Motown Records when the label signed them to a brand new subsidiary label called Rare Earth records back in the 60’s. Technically they did not have the Motown label on their output, but doesn’t a subsidiary technically count as being on Motown Records? I’d appreciate any comments on this.

Here in central Mass we were supposed to get a huge snowfall. The Governor called a state of emergency, parking bans were in effect and the snow blanket was to be a white chlorophyl to all activities. But, I look out this morning and it seems that we only received maybe six inches.

Man, I so dislike all the hype surrounding the snow that we get year after year, storm after storm, channel upon channel. Every storm seems to get penultimate TV and radio coverage and they build it up with such a frenzy that you’d think disaster and panic are falling instead of snow. As to the accuracy, I know it’s not an exact science, but six inches is a far cry from the eighteen inches predicted.

Christmas 2010

22 Dec

After all, if kids can give you the spirit of the holidays with their chomping at the bit anticipation of Christmas morning, why not join in? Even if only for their sake. So come on Christmas!

Merry Christmas, My Love
I first stumbled on the D’s 3 when I was a huge fan of back in the day… was it the mid 90’s? The site had all sorts of goodies and around one Christmas I happened upon this track. An utterly delightful, original song it sways and lulls a perfect Christmas chestnut. I couldn’t find anything on the band through a simple search so I don’t know if they’re around anymore. But I did find a mini bio still on

The D’s 3 are a whirlwind of talent that can only be described as GREAT. This mother-daughter trio has a fresh, inviting sound that mesmerizes audiences of all ages. With five albums to their name, The D’s 3 are a diversified and established band. But what makes The D’s 3 such a special band is their ability to compose original music in addition to covering some of the world’s best standards. Their repertoire includes a vast range of musical genres including, but not limited to, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Jumpin’ Jive, Swing, and Broadway.

Pick up a hooked ornament ready for placing on the tree, have a bite of a frosted cookie and let this one become a pleasing favorite that hits the special day’s meaning just right. It would do your heart good this time around to hear something quaint, gentle and soothing without electric cacophony.

It’s not about the presents
Covered with ribbons and bows.
All I want is to be with you
Underneath the mistletoe!
Hold me, don’t ever let me go.
Whisper in my ear, just how much you love me so!

The D’s 3: Merry Christmas, My Love