Salt In The Eyes: David Hasselhoff

18 Feb

In my quest to show off (or simply provide more public disgrace) the worst videos of all time, I present you with David Hasselhoff’s Hooked On A Feeling.

If I remember correctly, this was done by B.J. Thomas and then by Blue Suede. And you know what? I liked both versions! But, who knows what I would have thought if either had a video attached to it? The links are from live performances by both, but feel free to search again and listen to the audio for both in all their glory without the audience fanfare.

Check David flying through the air, David doing the pogo with an African tribe, David joining himself onscreen and David surfing the ice dressed in an Eskimo suit.

The only thing more sad about the video has to be the poor extras, who for the rest of their lives, live with the burdensome knowledge that the highlight of their fame was as an extra in a David Hasselhoff video.

Enjoy. Or not (as my daughter would say).


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