Raggae Tom

15 Dec

Didn’t snow here like they all predicted it would. Not a big surprise. They way online newspapers wrote about it since Wednesday, you’d think we needed to build a snow-ark and collect all creatures great and small. Then I wake up, look outside and see the private plow drivers almost weeping with disappointment. About four inches of puffy snow lies everywhere and all is still.

Starting out to be a very mellow day, and further induced by the music I’m listening to. Funny how playing around on YouTube can bring you down either a craggy, steep gutter of blasé and boring compositions, or in the case of a band I just found called “Easy Star”, bring you to a little smile and tolerance from the distraction. Nice dub / reggae cover of the complete Sgt. Pepper album here.

This, in turn, brought me to one of my favorite Tom Petty tracks from the 2010 album Mojo, “Don’t Pull Me Over”. Despite the cold and lack of snow that merited all the hype, listening to this track earlier this morning found me in an overstuffed couch, wrapped in a double fleece blanket and an amazing cup of coffee while grateful for the smooth stroke of the guitar, crispness of the drum and swirl of the wah-wah pedal. The music made me feel distant from the noise of the angry snowplows munching tar.

tom petty

Don’t Pull Me Over


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