2014 Performance Issues

28 Dec

Ah, those times when quaffing a few dozen, and more, was the way to buzz in a new year! Start strong with  the heavy stuff, amplify the tone with a streaming torrent of favored brew, toss back a plastic cup of semi-cheap champagne at the shout of ‘Happy New Year’ and finish it out with cheers, the remainder of what ever is left in the bottle(s), and a hazy, swerving ride home.

Too Drunk

And we all marvel wide-eyed in later years that yes, we must have a special purpose on this earth – otherwise, why else were we allowed to survive those overindulged, reckless, hedonistic, and cavalier booze-fests?

Nouvelle Vague – a favorite band of mine – did some amazing covers of new wave, punk and rock songs that churned the originals around with furious vengeance, and produced an end result so beautiful that you sometimes wouldn’t recognize the original that they were grafted from.

Here, they present a sentiment drawn from the debauched lifestyle we once held so dearly and was so deeply imprinted into what we thought had to do on New Year’s Eve. Even if we couldn’t be with the one we loved, and tried to love the one we were with … well, sometimes it just didn’t happen that way.

Too Drunk to Fuck

Joy in 2014. Be safe.


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