Arthur Alexander

25 Jan

Few can lay claim to having their recordings covered by the Beatles, the Stones and Bob Dylan. Although, as I write, I wonder can anyone one else claim that besides Arthur Alexander?

Dylan covered “Sally Sue Brown” on 1988’s “Down in the Groove”, the Stones covered “You Better Move On” which appeared in 1965’s “December’s Children (And Everyone’s)” and of course the Beatles covered today’s jewel “Anna (Go to Him)” which was placed on their 1963 debut “Please Please Me”, and in my opinion one of the more moving and convincing covers.

Many others also were smart enough to cover Arthur’s tunes with varying success including Elvis, Tina Turner, Otis, Mink Deville (I wrote about the amazing Mink on my earlier blog right here) and the Hollies among others. I was not so surprised to discover that a ton of 60’s garage bands put out for Arthur; Kenny and the Kasuals and the Leaves were a quick few that I found.

aalexanderIt’s a shame that Arthur never really made it big. He came close a few times but never actually broke out and ended up driving a school bus for a while. Can you imagine being driven to school by Arthur Alexander? Mind boggling!

Just as there was a renewed interest in him in the early 90’s, the poor guy suffered a heart attack and sadly passed away in 1993. But, his vital catalog and his legacy lives on.

Anna (Go To Him) is a worthy testament to his songwriting ability and you’ll be the better to hear one of the great tracks in soul history.

Anna, girl before you go now,
I want you to know now,
That I still love you so,
But if he loves you more –
Go with him.

All of my life, I’ve been searching for a girl
To love me like I love you!
But every girl I’ve ever had,
Breaks my heart and leaves my sad,
What am I, what am I supposed to do?

Anna (Go to Him)

Just for the sheer surprise of it all, here’s Arthur singing “Burning Love” before Elvis karate chopped his version way to the top of the charts.

End of the Line

Just happened to notice, while browsing, Neck Pickup. Lot’s of writing about music, along with sports and general musings. Kept my interest with many, many posts writing about his time in the Boston area and I, being a Boston boy myself, recognized quite a bit of what he’s referenced. Has a nice thing going with an occasional post about a selected week within a selected year of the Top 40 countdown. I take exception to some of his highlighted favorites, but that’s what makes it interesting.


3 Responses to “Arthur Alexander”

  1. whiteray 01/25/2014 at 2:19 PM #

    I thought you were gone for good! Nice to see you back!

    • WZJN 01/26/2014 at 6:22 AM #

      Nice to be back whiteray. Just kinda felt the fever earlier in the Fall. Great to see a friend stop by – thank you.

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