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Thomas Dolby

22 Aug

How about some deep, dark funk with heavy, tendon crushing bass that’ll have you shakin’ your ass?

Not what you’d expect from a nerdy looking white guy running around in a lab coat looking very much the assistant professor in the video “She Blinded Me With Science” though is it? Yea, Thomas Dolby hit it big in the 80’s with that song, but he was seriously packing some shape shifting grooves if you listened to the whole platter.

Was a time that I’d go to the local dress-up beat clubs where these tracks stoked many a muggy, dripping night, sending a sweat so thoroughly through everyone on the dance floor that between dancing into a foam-covered frenzy and sweating out the booze, you couldn’t feel the difference between your skin and the clothes clinging to your skin.

Hot Sauce
The opening ‘cowboy riff’ was the cattle call to the floor. Better to be there early and get surrounded hip to hip by the throngs of the like-minded. Bucking and swaying, hands in the air, hit by body parts from all sides and from all heights, if you didn’t intentionally mean to dance like a native it was too late – you were simply an insignificantly intertwined cog in a larger crowd mindset – you had to let it go, you moved, and you moved with a smile.

They call her Hot Sauce
She’s hotter than pepper
I would have kept her
Although she burn me up.

What if fire didn’t burn (burn!)
How would the lesson get learned? (learned!)
You sit there like a dope until you choke on all the smoke
(smoke gets in your eyes)

Cover me in your sauce baby
Bury me in all that sauce
Smother me in your hot sauce, woman
Till smoke come from your thighs.

Used to hang sporadically at this place called Man Ray’s in Cambridge. It was a ‘New Wave’ kind of place at the time that melded with ‘Goth’, or whatever other useless label was tacked on at the time by the papers. It was a place for alternatives to dance to alternative tracks. This track was one of them. Another offering of heavy bass with precision drumming that had us all nodding unconsciously in agreement to the beat where if we weren’t on the dance floor, we’d be lurking in the darker corners lapping Dolby up right along with our drinks.

One more young writer slid away in the night
Over the border he will drown in light

Hold it – wait a minute
I can’t read my writing, my own writing!
Like tiny insects in the palm of history

A domino effect in a cloud of mystery
My writing is an iron fist

In a glove full of vaseline
Dip the fuse in the kerosene

I too become a dissident

Course Tom has other parts also. If I wasn’t spotlighting a bit ‘o funk on this post, I would have included the absolutely necessary “I Scare Myself” (great lyrics for a tender love note anyone?), or the great “Hyperactive”. In any case, you can’t go wrong with the album all these tracks come from. Little trivia here: Thomas married actress Kathleen Beller.

Hot Sauce
Thomas Dolby: The Singular Thomas Dolby + DVD (Remastered) [Import] [2009]


What a week of emails it’s been. Can we agree that face to face is the easiest way to communicate? Because, texting and emails simply can not convey nuance, emotion and meaning! And, a hack like me, who uses way too many words in emails (funny for a guy who is usually so reticent) can suddenly and easily find himself … struggling to write just the right words. Damn though they all seem to come out with apparently the wrong tone no matter the wording. I need an editor. Who the heck else has drafts for emails?

And a Happy Birthday was had on Saturday for a special, sweet girl. The pony ride and clown didn’t show up, but a wonderful, lovely fragrance filled her air, and a wonderful time spent with dear friends was a special treat I’m sure. Sweet girl, indeed.