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Tina Turner

17 Aug

I’ve two separate core samples of the artist; one as a young, sassy, sultry singer dripping with the honey of desire, and the other as an older, sassy, sultry singer dripping with the honey of desire. Multi-talented, she always excels at this type of vinyl.

Anna Mae Bullock could inject smoldering sexuality just singing about an address book, but given these choice selections a lesser artist would just come across as imitation swag. But Anna? Anna could crack her whip of intention; re-image the structure, envelope the back draft and transform into a whispered, pulsed glow; and then she’d refine it by turning it musky and wet.

I Idolize You

Her vocal is reminiscent of the Ray Charles Raelettes on Night Time Is the Right Time. But instead of being the call back, she’s the hunter – Sheena of The Jungle, stalking her prey. The brutality that her vocal cords go through commanding your attention is a call from a deep hunger.

I would like to make love to you
When the lights are low (yes, yes down low)
And I would like to scream to you baby

Just so I can let you know (yes, yes you know)
‘Cause you know that you’re my kind
And I want you to forever be mine


I idolize you (Yes, she idolize you)

You know, I idolize you (Yes, she idolize you)

Whole Lotta Love

Tina’s done scores of covers through the years. Acid Queen might be her most famous, coming from the soundtrack of The Who’s Tommy. She’s also rented Come Together, Honky Tonk Woman, I Can’t Stand The Rain, I Want To Take You Higher and Proud Mary among many, many others. The latter two were massive highlights during the peak of the Ike And Tina Turner Revue tours. And with each cover, she created a new life form from it – radically different from the original without diluting its essence.

This, too, is a fresh, new entity – quivering, raw sexuality that trembles with need and savage craving. While Zep presented it as the hammer of the gods demanding attention, Tina chants it, dances it, lurches at it, entices you, and holds it exhaustingly out of your reach. All the while, with her as the pursuer, you’re frustrated to fatigue; you’re made to feel as if you’re the one in need. After listening to it, you may find that you’re just that – in need.

You’ve been learnin’, baby,
I’ve been yearnin’,
All them good times, baby, baby,
I’ve been yearnin’,

Way, way down inside,
Honey, you need it,
I’m gonna give you my love,

I’m gonna give you my love

I thought of spotlighting When I was Young, but I can’t swallow … I can’t get past the use of synth in place of the guitar lead that’s so permanently branded in my mind from the original done by Eric Burdon & The Animals.

I Idolize You
Whole Lotta Love
From: Collected Recordings Sixties to Nineties [1994]

Random Confetti:

Lesson learned – don’t try to edit in WordPress, edit in Word, and then cut/paste. The new Tom Petty is his best in years. I’ve got to get my ass out there and rent a car for next week’s vacation before I end up with a Peel 50! I’d like a time machine so I can go back and see if I was just as moody and hard to manage at 15 as my oldest son is, although I think I already know the answer to that one, and I should be grateful that he isn’t using one of Ian Drury’s tunes as his own personal Pledge of Allegiance. I wrote someone that the solution might be chlorophyll and Velcro. It is because I’m older that I’ve precious little patience for what passes as ‘heavy metal’ today, or is it that it’s not worth analyzing because in truth with few exceptions, it’s just a bunch of crap anyway? I’m in pretty good shape, but I couldn’t imagine biking for 100 miles!